First Impressions

I have decided that I haven’t quite decided what to think about The Zero Knot by K.Z. Snow yet.

Yes, I know that sounds horribly indecisive.

Taking place in a small town where any sort of sexual activity is frowned upon, teenagers Jess and Mig come out to each other one night after a meeting at a friend’s house. Jess, Mig, and Bran are all leaving for college the next year, but still hang out with each other and 16-year-old Tomby, who thinks she is bisexual. Bran also claims to be bisexual, and the group seems to revolve around all sorts of experiments with each other.  They call themselves the Domino Club, but that night Tomby says they are a zero knot (Here’s what a zero knot is). However, Jess and Mig decide to break free from their immature sexual games and happen to admit to themselves, and each other, on the same night, that they are gay.

Following, I am expecting some sort of claim about society’s view and how Jess and Mig intend to take on the world and change the town’s mind so that they will be able to date and hold hands in public, not having to worry about hiding their sexuality from their families or neighbors.

However, what has followed so far has been a series of quite vividly described encounters between Jess and Mig, and even one between Jess and Bran (yikes!) Jess and Bran will be going to UW-Madison the next year, and Bran is aggressively pursuing Jess. Although Jess wants a relationship with Mig, he gave into his “animalistic instincts” a few times with Bran. Right now, where I stopped, Mig told Jess they shouldn’t spend time alone together anymore – Mig had just caught Jess in a compromising situation with Bran.

I’m hoping this book will shape up a bit and tackle some bigger themes; I’m getting tired of reading about boys ruled exclusively by their hormones and driven by impulse. I also wonder where Tomby will come in next…so far she has only been introduced to prove that none of the other boys are straight. Jess’s brother knows he is gay, but his father does not, and neither of Mig’s parents know either. I’m guessing that the book will veer in that direction next, and maybe it will help me make up my mind about this book.


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