Finished with The Zero Knot

Well, last night I finished reading The Zero Knot by K.Z. Snow.

It turned out different than what I thought, and didn’t quite live up to my expectations.

After the fight between Mig and Jess, Jess’s little brother Red gets stung by a bee and has an allergic reaction. Who happens to be nearby to take him to the hospital and save his life? Mig. So Jess and Mig make up in the hospital parking lot and, when Jess’s dad stays at the hospital overnight, the two boys are able to have the time of their lives spending the night together. I’m not going to go into detail about what was written – it was more of the same descriptions as before. Afterwards, Jess’s dad “just knows” that Jess is gay, and is unbelievably understanding about it.

Then, Mig randomly calls from jail. As in, he is in jail because he was aressted. Supposedly for sexually assaulting Tomby, who is a minor. However, since Mig is gay, he would never do anything with a girl…but doesn’t want to reveal that to his lawyer, because that would mean coming out of the closet to everyone. Meanwhile, Jess tracks Tomby down and forces the truth from her – that Bran put her up to the scheme, and at a party they had slipped Mig some ecstacy and then fooled around, providing evidence to twist a story and support accusations. Jess tells her that she can’t remake the zero knot. He convinces her to come forward with her story and helps her write a letter telling the truth. At the same time, Mig decides to tell his lawyer the truth, and his lawyer tells his parents that he is gay. The good result is that he is set free from jail, but the bad result is that he gets kicked out of his house for being gay.

Mig shows up at Jess’s house and Jess’s dad offers Mig the sofa until he figures things out. In the end, the two boys move to Madison so Jess can attend college, and they get an apartment together where they live (and have sex) happily ever after. They get revenge on Bran by pouring hot coffee on his expensive clothes.

I didn’t particularly enjoy this book. Besides the unnecessary descriptions of each and every sexual encounter, the plot was unbelievable and the events that drove it along seemed forced. The jail scene came out of nowhere, and never touched upon the consequences of being accused of sexual assualt in a small community. Wouldn’t everyone become suspicious of Mig, regardless of if he was guilty or not? Wouldn’t there be any reprecussions for supposedly assaulting a minor? Jess’s dad was also unbelievable as a character. He almost threw Jess and Mig at each other and gave them ample opportunity to fool around. I can’t believe that any parent would do that.

The language was also terribly unsophisticated. The author attempted to write dialect and slang, but the result was sloppy and sometimes hard to follow. Snow also tried to stretch metaphors to connect topics that had absolutely no resemblance to each other. For example, Jess went into a hardware store at one time whose “layout he knew like the landscape of his own dick.” Not only is that vulgar, but it cannot function as an effective comparison.

The last complaint I have about this book comes after the ending, in the author profile area. It says, “[K.Z. Snow] is overeducated, underskilled, and has written a lot of stuff.”

First of all, “stuff”? Second of all, if you admit that you are underskilled….why are you writing?


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