Well, I finished Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins!

The last book in the Hunger Games series

It was a good end to the series. I don’t think it was quite as spectacular as I expected though…but I’ll get into that!

In this book, Katniss and her family, and Gale, are living in the underground District 13. The Capitol still has Peeta. War is inevitable. Katniss’s role in the war, however, is just to be the public face – the Mockingjay. The leader of 13, Coin, believes that Katniss can use her power as the face of the Hunger Games to unite the rest of the districts and bring the Capitol down.
The book has the usual questions from Katniss – who am I, whom do I love (Gale or Peeta?), how do I protect my family. The newest question is this – to what extent is Katniss now Coin’s pawn as the face of the revolution? Is this any different than the Hunger Games put on by Snow? This will lead to an interesting twist in the end 😉
The action builds in this book just like the others, and we’re dragged into Katniss’s head, which is a fun and wild place to be.
Spoiler alert! You probably should stop reading if you don’t want this to spoil the book…
There were a few things that disappointed me about the ending. First, the most climatic moment when the Capitol is finally taken over, occurs while Katniss is knocked out from a bomb blast. After all that work of training to become a soldier and be more than the Mockingjay, it was disappointing that she (and therefore the reader) did not get to see this moment.
The other problem I had with the ending is that things aren’t fully resolved with the people in Katniss’s life. What about Gale? Her mother? The new president of Panem?
This book is also very politically charged – which is not necessarily a bad thing. It provides a subtle commentary on a dictatorship vs. a republic. It would be interesting to read this series again and look for all the threads that bring this aspect together.
All in all, I did enjoy reading Mockingjay, despite the few things that I felt were missing. It was a good final book to the series. There is no doubt that Suzanne Collins has succeeded in creating an addictive series! I liked every minute of reading.
My next book – back to reading Theft: A Love Story by Peter Carey.
(Did I mention he’s a professor at Hunter College in NYC? I visited Hunter while I was in New York. It’s an awesome school and they have a fantastic creative writing program.)

One thought on “Mockingjay!

  1. I have finally finished the series. I agree that it’s strange that Katniss isn’t conscious during a pivotal time, but I don’t know how I would have written that part myself. I ended up loving almost every minute of it. I can’t wait to read it again. 🙂

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