Bittersweet Summer

Just finished reading another book from NetGalley – Bittersweet Summer by Anne Warren Smith. I really enjoyed this one! Even though it’s geared toward children/young teenagers… what can I say, the child in me loved being able to come out to play!

What a cute cover!

This book follows Katie, who just finished fourth grade. She lives with her dad and five-year-old brother. Her parents are divorced and her mother is a country singer. Katie expects a normal, fun-filled summer vacation. Instead, her best friend goes on vacation, her neighbor Claire plans to make her dad and previous teacher fall in love, and her mom’s tour makes a stop in Portland, close to where they live. Katie’s world seems to be falling apart, and on top of that, her dad announces that he might transfer for his job and they might have to move!

For an almost-fifth-grader, this is a lot to handle. Katie manages to deal with it all and turn her summer around by the end of the book. She matures and learns what bittersweet means after she sees her mom and understands she travels too much to ever come back home. The end provides a sweet image of the three family members, all set to have a great rest of the summer.

This is a really quick read, and this book puts you in a good mood! Anne Warren Smith has also written other books (apparently Bittersweet Summer is a sequel, although it reads fine on its own), Turkey Monster Thanksgiving and Tails of Spring Break. The tone was light and fun, and the book was full of five- and ten-year old witicsim. All in all, a very enjoyable read!


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