Rereading books

“Like pleated fabric, the text reveals different parts of its pattern at different times. And yet every time the text unfolds, in the library, or in bed, or upon the grass, the reader adds new wrinkles.”

What do you think about rereading books? Are there favorites that you revisit multiple times? Here is an interesting article about rereading books: The Pleasures and Perils of Rereading.

Every year, always around the time I have spring break, I read Pride and Prejudice. I think I’ve done this for about four or five years now, and it’s the same great experience every time. I’ve also reread the entire Harry Potter series multiple times, and The Mercy of Thin Air by Ronlyn Domingue. I’ve reread other books too that I can’t think of, I’m sure! There are books though that I seem unable to reread…the Lord of the Rings series seem to be some of those. I also find it really hard to reread Twilight…the book I enjoyed in junior high before it went viral. Now I can barely stand it!

What makes a reader change her mind about a book? What makes books easy or hard to reread? Interesting questions to ponder.


2 thoughts on “Rereading books

  1. I love rereading books. It’s like watching a favorite movie again — you get deeper meaning of character and notice things you missed before. I personally read the HP series every summer. There is something so magical about it that I literally crave reading it’s pages and have to make myself wait til summer.
    I also can barely reread Twilight. I finished each of the books in one day when I first read them (also before they got really popular) and I don’t know if I’ve just matured in my tastes, or if the hype made me dislike the series.
    Great books are meant be read multiple times. 🙂

  2. I agree! I always seem to get something new from a book when I reread it. The article makes an interesting point that we like to return to worlds that remain unchanged, so we can see how we have changed. For me, reading is like listening to music – each book (or song) evokes memories of the last time I read it. It’s fun to reread and revisit your past self.

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