2012 Reading Resolutions

Here comes 2012… it seems like the year went all too fast! What are your reading resolutions for the new year?

Some of mine are:

  • Read the paper more. My college provides the NY Times for free, but I hardly ever pick one up. I want to start reading the paper and keep up to date (especially with an election coming up!).
  • Blog more! My posts are pretty erratic on here, so I want to get better about reporting what I read.
  • Tackle Proust. This is the goal that is most likely to get pushed to the side, but I really want to read Swann’s Way.
  • Read more in general. It’s too easy to let other things take up my time, so I want to make sure I read a little bit every day, even if it’s only ten minutes quick before class.
  • Read more memoir. I think this genre is my new obsession, largely due to my nonfiction writing class! I want to see more of how people express themselves and tell the stories of their lives. Research for my own possible memoir? Maybe 😉

I also want to keep chipping away at my reading list. I add way more books to my list than I can read at one time! That seems like a common problem…

On a different note, I’m still reading Middlesex and absolutely loving it. The narrator is so compelling, and even though I’ve only read as far as Desdemonda’s and Lefty’s life, I can’t wait to hear more about Callie/Cal. No wonder this book won a Pulitzer Prize! More to come about Middlesex, I promise.


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