A New Year, A New Appearance?

Although I’ve been keeping this blog for about three months now, I still know very little about how to utilize Word Press. And even though it’s not quite the new year, I decided to switch up myliveread’s appearance a little bit. Kind of freshens it up and gives me (and you) something new to look at. I do that a lot when I get tired of my cell phone and all I can think about is how much I want a new one – change the background, font, ring tone and tada! new phone.

Anyways. If you have tips or think your blog looks way cooler than mine, I’d appreciate some advice.


I’m still reading Middlesex. I’m almost (almost!) done with it, and although it’s fantastic, I keep getting distracted with other things. Like hm, messing around on here and changing all my settings, watching season 4 of Big Bang Theory, and making myself lunch. Is there a such thing as reader’s block?


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