Newspaper Musings

I read the NY Times again today before class and thought I would share some thoughts about what I read.

  • First of all, I read about the State of the Union address in this article. I noticed there was only one teeny paragraph, a sentence really, about education. It said that Obama wants to lessen federal funding to universities that don’t make an effort to keep their tuition down. This is a good idea, but I have to wonder what would happen long term. I go to a private college and obviously the tuition is pretty high. Even if the government cut funding, there would (hopefully) be enough donors to keep the college running, but how badly would that divide a private and public college education?
  • Along with that, I also read Public College, Private Dorm, an article about colleges that are hiring private companies to build their dorms. This way, money can go toward other campus endeavors…but how high will rent costs be? How would that change who could live on campus and who would commute?
  • Next to the article summarizing the State of the Union was one about Mitt Romney’s taxes. Taking the article with a grain of salt, it still blows by mind that although he makes millions of dollars, he only pays taxes equivalent to what a person with an income of 80,000 pays.
  • Lastly, I enjoyed a short article about Romney’s prank sense of humor. Apparently the pranks he pulled in college make him unfit to lead.

I learned a new word from the paper though – excoriated. It means to denounce or berate severely, i.e., flay verbally, or to strip off or remove the skin from. I like the way the “flay verbally” definition fits nicely into the two others.


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